Government Officials In The Us Have Some Thinking To Do

Government OfficialsIt would be fair to say that government officials collectively right now have had a fire lit under them for months, if not ever since the very beginning of the Presidential race that now has President-Elect Donald Trump being sworn in just days from now. President Obama gave his farewell address last night amid other breaking news that Russia isn’t really all pro-Trump as once thought by many still in mourning over the election.

One thing is clear: Moving forward, as always, the political landscape, the country and its people will change, and the changes going on now have government officials running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Have you seen the complete flip flop of some of those lobbyist fed hacks in Washington? The campaign was messy, and Trump shook up the rhetoric. No one is saying he’s blameless, but he has exposed a corrupt, money hungry establishment that has long been exposed and has been allowed to do business as normal. Now all the politicians are running around trying to figure out the new normal. That’s a good thing because if you look at what government officials have been able to get done the last several years, the track record is absolutely miserable.

Think about how many times you’ve heard about Obama having to pass an executive order. You have a Republican President in President-Elect Trump about to enter office with both a Republican Senate and a Republican House, and you have him already talking about executive orders. That should tell you right there that the politicians, the political landscape, the blue states and the red states, the demographics of this country and the view of its people are shifting. This is nothing new, and the people running our government, well they are just going to have to buck up and figure it out.